Top 5 Best Toasters Under $20 [Massive Review]

A toaster isn’t just a little appliance that makes toast. It can be an incredible kitchen tool. Commercial toasters are designed to make toast that slices into thin strips; but what about the toaster that makes a regular old slice of bread? That’s exactly what a toaster is for, and that’s exactly what you get from this list.

Today, cheap toasters are quite common, but they’re also quite expensive. That’s why we need alternatives that are a good value for your money and less in price. It’s always worth looking at the different products sold online on Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy & other e-commerce stores like eBay, etc. And we’re sure that you’ve already guessed that we need cheap toasters. Thankfully, toasters are becoming cheaper on the market as manufacturers are discovering new ways to make them more affordable.

Best Toasters under $20
Green Two Slice Toaster

When we cook a simple breakfast or take lunch to work, there’s nothing worse than having to rush to make something on the run. But that doesn’t have to happen anymore when you have the perfect cheap toasters for under $20 dollars in your modern kitchen. It’s a great thing that toasting is considered a “science” in some circles (toasting bread, for example). Unfortunately, it’s not really that simple; and in reality, toasting is just a piece of the puzzle. If your toasting appliance isn’t working right, it’s not just a nuisance; it can seriously impact your breakfast and the way you eat throughout the day.

Many people are using toasters these days, but this is because they are cheap to buy and they are more convenient than using a separate toaster. Toasters are an appliance that turns the heat on their side to toast bread and other types of pieces of bread. Toasters are not just used to toast bread, but they are also used to cook meats and vegetables as well. Toasters are microwave-friendly and other appliances that can be used in the kitchen.

Why Choose the Cheapest Toaster?

Why are cheap toasters so popular? Well, mostly because they are actually very inexpensive. Cheap toasters can be found online, in stores, and even at affordable prices. When looking for a cheap kitchen appliance that offers you the best bang for your buck, you’ll often find a cheap bread-making machine in your shopping cart, but you may be surprised to discover that it is actually very good for your health or the environment too.

They are also used for cold or convection style cooking, which is the kind of toasting that you’re used to in restaurants and cafes, named (Toasters with warming racks). Cheap Toasters are known for big, loud, and noisy toasting appliances, but there are also cheap models that will save you time and money by not giving as much of a toasting sound as other brands.

Quick List for Best Toasters Under $20

Today we are going to show you the top 10 best toasters under $20 dollars that you can buy this year. These bread machines are affordable that will allow you to have fun and give an extraordinary look to your modern kitchen, helping you make morning breakfast faster. Let’s have a look at our best list:

  1. Elite Gourmet ECT-1027: Bes Cool Touch White Toaster
  2. Nostalgia MyMini: Best Single Slice Toaster
  3. Betty Crocker BC-2605CB: Best Toaster Brand Under $20

1. Elite Gourmet Cuisine ECT-1027

Elite Gourmet ECT-1027 Cool Touch Toaster
White Color Toaster at the Kitchen Floor

The Elite Gourmet Cuisine ECT-1027 Toaster is a handy appliance that provides you with a safe and simple way to reheat your favorite foods in a jiffy. The toaster features six browning levels, an extra-wide crumb tray, and one extra-long slot. Its cool touch exterior makes it an ideal appliance for stowing away in the cabinet or under the counter in your dorm room or office kitchen. The extra-wide slots allow you to toast a variety of breakfast items, while the extra-long slot and high lift lever provide superior control over your toasting preferences. When you have finished toasting all your favorite foods, the non-slip feet enable you to slide the appliance effortlessly out of the way for easy access. A push-down control dial allows for easy operation so that you can enjoy all of your favorite breakfast items without ever needing to touch the toaster.

We have a 2-slice white color toaster for under $20 dollars. And the rest of the three colors Black, Silver, Black & White are available in 4 slot options and they are a bit expensive. But in 20 bucks you can get all the furcations of a professional toaster like cleaning of crumbs tray with a drop-down option. Extra-wide slots, Shade selector along with cancel button. I will recommend this product for bagels and specialty loaves of bread. This is not only the product of your Home Kitchen, you can also use it for your college dorms, small apartments, office kitchen, and even the best option for camper and RV lovers.

The best budget and inexpensive toasterOnly white color in 2 slice model
Drop-Down Crumb Tray
Automatic self-centering guides
Simply adjusting the knob

2. Nostalgia MyMini Single Slice Cheapest Toaster

Nostalgia MyMini Single Slice Toaster
Nostalgia MyMini Toaster (MODEL No#: NMMSST1AQ)

Looking for a gift for the college student that just moved into a dorm room? The Nostalgia Single Slice Toaster is the perfect gift for any student who enjoys toasting bread, bagels, English muffins, or waffles. This compact, easy-to-clean toaster features extra-wide slots to fit thick slices of bread, adjustable temperature settings, a cancel button, and a removable crumb tray. Its small, compact size makes it perfect for any small kitchen, dorm room, or even a camper! You can now make toasting bread a little more fun with the Nostalgia MyMini Single Slice Toaster.

This Nostalgia Electrics MyMini Single Slice Toaster is the ideal complement to any kitchen setting, whether it’s a dorm room, an apartment, or a camper. The extra-wide toasting slot fits a range of pieces of bread and snacks, from thick slices of toast and English muffins to bagel halves and waffles. The MyMini features a cancel, defrost, and bagel button to accommodate all of your toasting needs. Plus, the removable crumb tray makes cleanup a breeze and there is cord storage at the bottom of the toaster. This MyMini Toaster also features an adjustable temperature dial that allows you to get the perfect toast – not too light and not too dark. If you’re looking for the ultimate in compact, convenient toasting, the MyMini Toaster is there for you!

Take a trip down memory lane with Nostalgia Electrics’ My Mini Single Slot Toaster. This compact toaster is big on convenience and style. Toasting is never been easier with the compact, retro design of this vintage toaster. Toast your favorite slice of bread or bagel in your choice of medium or dark brown with the touch of a button. Featuring an attractive minute glass, this toaster heats up fast and ensures you’re never waiting around for fresh toast.

One of the best toasters under $20 for travel. You can also buy the mini waffle maker in the range of 20 Dollars. I would love to have stainless steel waffles by Nostalgia manufacturers that just cost under $30. But this single slice toaster is the cheapest gift for a wedding or birthday party.

Cheapest ToasterSingle Slice Toaster
Beautiful color
Extra Wide slots
Compact Size
Adjustable Temperature

3. Betty Crocker 2-Slice Cool Wall Toaster Under $20

Betty Crocker 2-Slice Cool Wall Toaster
Best Black Toaster Brand Under $20

If you want to get the most out of your toast, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality toaster. The Betty Crocker stainless steel Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster is a great option for helping you get the most out of your morning breakfast. This toaster is designed to help you make delicious toast, using a wide range of bread types and styles. This toaster uses dual 30mm wide slot openings that are designed to fit even the thickest of loaves of bread. You’ll also appreciate the toaster’s extra lift feature, which makes it easy to remove smaller slices of bread or bagels that tend to get stuck inside traditional toasters.

The Betty Crocker 2-Slice Cool Wall Toaster will become your go-to toaster as soon as you start using it. This $20 toaster is unique in that it the perfect for thicker bread such as bagels and waffles. These slots will also be perfect for heating bagels that are sliced in half! What makes the Betty Crocker 2-Slice Cool Wall Toaster a cut above the rest is that it will never burn you. Unlike other toasters, the housing on this toaster is built to remain cool to the touch which eliminates the risk of burns. The lever is also designed to make taking out smaller pieces of bread and bagels effortless. All you need to do is flip the lever up and then pull out the bread or bagel. A timeless cultural icon, Betty Crocker is inextricably linked with the notions of helpfulness, trustworthiness, and quality in the mind.

Slice through a handful of eggs or a stack of waffles with a Betty Crocker 2-Slice Cool Wall Toaster. The 2 wide slots of that toaster opening that are perfect for bagels, Belgian waffles, and thick bread, and the housing is built to remain cool to the touch, so you can use it with confidence. The extra lift feature makes it easy to remove smaller pieces of bread and bagels that tend to get stuck inside traditional toasters. A timeless cultural icon, Betty Crocker is inextricably linked with the notions of helpfulness, trustworthiness, and quality in the mind of the consumer.

LightweightNo Cons
Best toaster under $20
Extra Lift Feature
Trusted Cooking Manufacturer Brand
Stainless Steel Material


Spending 20 dollars on the kitchen toaster is not a big amount. But for a low-salary person like me, the $20 is great money. So, we all must think before buying online shopping even if you’re buying anything less than $1. I hope the list we provided and reviews on the best toasters under $20 gives your kitchen a great benefit. Nowadays cheap Toasters and Toaster ovens are becoming more and more popular every day. They’re a great way to have a fresh and hot drink on any morning & evening. And they’re also a great way to save money on your food budget at the same time.

Have a great breakfast and evening tea with a smile.

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